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About Traditional Art / Student Natari XD23/Female/United States Groups :iconmariahuman4ever: MariaHuman4Ever
Appreciating the original Maria.
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Come on in, I don't bite. XD

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deviation in storage by In-The-Machine
deviation in storage by In-The-Machine
deviation in storage by In-The-Machine
Here's the most amazing art you will ever see from the most awesome Deviants ever. Period.


Zeki Says Happy Birthday by NatariSaru
Zeki Says Happy Birthday
Here's a birthday gift for my best friend :icone-c98:of her adorable Sonic FC Isayama Zeki aka Zeki the Cat. Here's something to bring you up when the world brings you down Eiffa, Happy Birthday!

Isayama Zeki belongs to :icone-c98:
Iggyada Kooperson by NatariSaru
Iggyada Kooperson
Here's :icontutanturkeytail:'s Mariosona Princess Iggyada Kooperson. I'm sorry it took so long, school's been really unkind to me lately, I hope you like it.
Hi everyone, how are you? Pardon my absence, I've been pretty stressed out and tired lately. Anyway, it turns out both :iconninpeachlover: and :iconfatinfantine: tagged me, and since I'm not in the mood to make two seperate tagging journals, I'll just a big one instead. Since :iconninpeachlover: tagged me first, here goes:

1)You Must Post The Rules.
2) Share 10 Facts About You.
3) Answer 10 Questions One Who Tagged You And Make 10 Questions For The People You Tagged.
4) Tag 10 People In The Journal.
5) No " You're Tagged If You Read This" Things.
6) No Tag Backs.
7) You Can't Say You Don't Tag.
8) Make A Journal.

10 Facts About Me:
1. I'm obsessed with time-management games, especially cooking/restaurant-themed ones like Diner Dash, Cooking Fever, Burger Shop, etc.

2. When it comes to eating, I'm pretty adventurous compared to my family. I like many different kinds of food, especially ethnic foods. I used to really picky as a kid,but now I eat everything.

3. I like to write poetry and short stories. I used to write quite a lot of it when I was younger. I might start doing so again.

4. I am obsessed with mythology and astronomy, especially Greek mythology. It's also part of why I love Sailor Moon so much.

5. I can't go anywhere without my iPhone. I don't use it to text very much; rather, I like to surf and play games on it.

6. I have a photographic/recollective memory; it's both a blessing and a curse in many ways.

7. I almost always get into a series many years after it's ended or went on hiatus, especially most anime.

8. I'm a huge fan of etymology and historical dates of many landmarks and products in general. I spend an awful lot of time on Google and Wikipedia because of this.

9. I like to play with dollmakers, dressup games and characters simulators online when I'm bored, mainly anything by DollDivine, Rinmaru, BannedStory, Roiworld, etc..

10. I absolutely love any show that helps people improve their outward appearance, business, mental/physical health, or anything like it (What Not To Wear, The Dr. Oz Show, Bar Rescue, Freaky Eaters,etc..)

Now for the questions:
1. You have some inspiration in your drawings?

For the most part, I usually get inspired by my favorite anime or cartoons, but I also get inspiration from fashion magazines, photographs of oddly colored animals and humans, and pinup girl pics.

2.You like some cartoons or animes? if you like, which is your favorite?
 My favorite Western Cartoons are: CatDog, SpongeBob, Angry Birds Toons, Annoying Orange,  Robot Chicken, PowerPuff Girls, Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy,Looney Tunes, Any Old Disney Shorts,Goof Troop, and Tom and Jerry

My favorite Anime are: Sailor Moon Crystal, Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon, Gravitation, Gravitation: Lyrics of Love, Hetalia, Astro Boy, Gunslinger Girl, InuYasha, Puella Magi Madoka Magica, and Dirty Pair

3.Do you have any fear?
Many, but I'm especially afraid of losing my loved ones in anyway or that I'll fail in life. I'm also afraid of not being loved or being mauled by a large animal.

4.What your favorite game?
 That's a tough one: My favorites ones at the moment are Cooking Fever, Diner Dash 2015, Angry Birds Stella, Fat Princess, Pikmin 2, Crazy Kitchen, and MapleStory

5.What your favorite genre of music?
 I listen to almost anything, but I esepcially like electronic cheerful music like Dance, EuroDance, Latin Freestyle, Dance Pop, Techno, Trance, J-pop, and Happy Hardcore

6.Do you like Pets? you have some?

Yes I do, especially cats and dogs. I have a 12 year old Manchester Toy Terrier named Marcy (she'll be 13 in December)

7.If you could live on a deserted island, who would you take?

 My intermediate family(mom, dad, brother, sister, uncle, and dog)

8.Someday you intend to become a popular artist?

Of course I do! I want to make my own comics and eventually, my own animated cartoons.

9.You have a love interest?

No, I'm not really ready or interested in anyone.

10.Do you promise to follow all the rules to this journal?

Hey, I answered all your questions, does that count?

Since I answered :iconninpeachlover:'s questions, now it's :iconfatinfantine:'s turn.

1.Which place did you want to tour?(P/s=Holy places not included...)

 I would love to go to Ecuador(I'm half Ecuadorian, yet I've never been there), Canada, Italy, Japan, and many other beautiful countries.

2.What's your reaction when "Boku No Pico" in live-action?

ARE YOU KIDDING ME, THEY HAVE A LIVE BOKU NO PICO???!! In all seriousness, it's pretty damn disturbing, but the live action version of Mai-Chan's Daily Life is pretty damn horrifying too.

3.Which TV series show/drama would enter in your dream/fantasy?

Sadly, What Not to Wear is over, but if it were still on, I'd definitely volunteer to be the fashion victim or to help one XD

4.What do you think about my place(Malaysia)?

Never been there, but I heard tons of neat things about it and would love to go.

5.Do you like when I come to your place as surprise?

It'd be nice, though I'm not sure what many people outside of the US would love about it more than their own country.

6.Tag who?

I think I'll tag :icone-c98:, :iconironbatmaiden91:, and :icongilster262:

Now here are my questions:
1. Which books or comics do you think should be turned into movies or cartoons?
2. What's your favorite kind of tea (if you drink any, that is)?
3. What do you like to do most with your family?
4. Do you have any FCs/OCs that are in multiple fandoms at once?
5. How do you feel about Tumblr's social justice?
6. What's one cancelled cartoon you wouldn't mind being rebooted?
7. Are you a picky eater?
8.  If time travel was possible, what year/era would you travel to and why?
9. What's the weirdest manga you've ever read?
10. What are your thoughts on Sailor Moon Crystal and the new Sailor Moon English dub by ViZ?


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Natari XD
Artist | Student | Traditional Art
United States
Loves: Drawing,Meat of Any Kind, Tea (especially Green Tea), Candy,Cartoons, Comics,Anime, Manga,Gory things, Yaoi/Yuri/Hetero Pairings, Fairy Kei and Lolita clothing,Videogames,Sweets,Red,Pink,Trance Music, And All kinds of Ethnic foods.

Dislikes: Nostalgiatards (especially 90s kids)Breeders(shitty parents),Crybabies, Art Thieves, Stereotypes of any kind, Bigots of any kind,Stupid/Closeminded People, Oversensitive Morons And Reality TV.

Real Name:Natalie Aracelis Miranda

Birth signs:Monkey(Chinese Zodiac)and Aquarius(Greek Zodiac)

Born:February 9,1992

Current Residence: Where The Sun Don't Shine DX
deviantWEAR sizing preference: Umm.. my size?
Print preference: Doesn't matter, as long as it's good XD
Favourite genre of music: Anything electronic and happy: Dance,Techno,Freestyle,you get the picture
Favourite photographer: Hmmm..That's a toughie -_-
Favourite style of art: Animeish and Cartoony Stuff FTW!!!XD
Operating System: My Brain
MP3 player of choice: Anything that begins with I and is made by Apple
Shell of choice: Yumm..A Chocolate One
Wallpaper of choice: Any meme or nice art
Skin of choice: I like mine the way it is
Favourite cartoon character: Way too goddamn many to count
Personal Quote: Edna Mode From The Incredibles:"I Never Look Back Darling,It Distracts From The Now"

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